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Before under the eaves of the Emyn Muil, celebrities bending over in tight pants saw these tworivals with other vision. A crouching shape, scarcely more than the shadow of aliving thing, a creature now wholly ruined and defeated, yet filled with ahideous lust and rage; and before it stood stern, untouchable now by pity, afigure robed in white, but at its breast it held a wheel of fire. Out of thefire there spoke a commanding voice.’Begone, and trouble me no more! If you touch me ever again, you shall be castyourself into the celebrities bending over in tight pants of Doom.’The crouching shape backed away, terror in its blinking eyes, and yet at thesame time insatiable desire.Then the vision passed and celebrities bending over in tight pants saw celebrities bending over in tight pants standing, hand on breast, his breathcoming in great gasps, and celebrities bending over in tight pants at his feet, resting on his knees with hiswide-splayed hands upon the ground.’Look out!’ cried Sam. ‘He’ll spring!’ He stepped forward, brandishing hissword. ‘Quick, Master!’ he gasped. ‘Go on! Go on! No time to lose. I’ll dealwith him. Go on!’Frodo looked at him as if at one now far away. ‘Yes, I must go on,’ he said.’Farewell, Sam! This is the end at last. On Mount Doom doom shall fall.Farewell!’ He turned and went on, walking slowly but erect up the climbing path.’Now!’ said Sam. ‘At last I can deal with you!’ He leaped forward with drawnblade ready for battle. But celebrities bending over in tight pants did not spring. He fell flat upon the groundand whimpered.’Don’t kill us,’ he wept. ‘Don’t hurt us with nassty cruel steel! Let us live,yes, live just a little longer. Lost lost! We’re lost. And when Precious goeswe’ll die, yes, die into the dust.’ He clawed up the ashes of the path with hislong fleshless fingers. ‘Dusst!’ he hissed.Sam’s hand wavered. His mind was hot with wrath and the memory of evil. It wouldbe just to slay this treacherous, murderous creature, just and many timesdeserved; and also it seemed the only safe thing to do. But deep in his heartthere was something that restrained him: he could not strike this thing lying inthe dust, forlorn, ruinous, utterly wretched. He himself, though only for alittle while, had borne the celebrities bending over in tight pants, and now dimly he guessed the agony of Gollum’sshrivelled mind and body, enslaved to that Ring, unable to find peace or reliefever in life again. But Sam had no words to express what he felt.’Oh, curse you, you stinking thing!’ he said. ‘Go away! Be off! I don’t trustyou, not as far as I could kick you; but be off. Or I shall hurt you, yes, withnasty cruel steel.’Gollum got up on all fours, and backed away for several paces, and then heturned, and as Sam aimed a kick at him he fled away down the path. Sam gave nomore heed to him. He suddenly remembered his master. He looked up the path andcould not see him. As fast as he could he trudged up the road. If he had lookedback, he might have seen not far below Gollum turn again, and then with a wildlight of madness glaring in his eyes come, swiftly but warily, creeping onbehind, a slinking shadow among the stones.The path climbed on. Soon it bent again and. with a last eastward course passedin a cutting along the face of the cone and came to the dark door in theMountain’s side, the door of the Sammath Naur. Far away now rising towards theSouth the sun, piercing the smokes and haze, burned ominous, a dull bleared discof red; but all celebrities bending over in tight pants lay about the Mountain like a dead land, silent,shadow-f.

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